Tiny Toes Reflexology & Baby Massage


What is Tiny Toes Reflexology & Baby Massage?

Tiny Toes Reflexage is a combination of baby reflexology, movement and baby massage. At Tiny Toes we focus on the importance of the fourth trimester for mum and baby, 'It is not only for the babies, but also for the mums too'. 

Putting the outside world to one side for a short time each day can help to slow time down by communicating, connecting and calming your baby. The amazing thing about baby reflexology is that it can be done any where, any time and your baby doesn't need to be undressed. 

A babies first language is touch and their only form of communicating is by crying so being able to calm your baby through touch seems like the most natural therapy in the world. 

Benefits of Baby Reflexology & Massage

  • Enhances the bond with your baby

  • Promotes development

  • Empowers you as parents as you can help alleviate your babies pain

  • Relaxation for mum and baby

  • Helps with Comfort and sleep

  • Helps to relieve discomfort of colic and reflux

  • Helps to relieve discomfort of coughs, colds and constipation

  • Helps to relieve discomfort of teething 

  • Gives you small, cosy classes where you can meet other new mums

  • Learn techniques to help reduce tension and aid babies posture

Why choose Tiny Toes Reflexology & Baby Massage, Barton upon Humber?

Tiny Toes Reflexology and baby massage classes are all about relaxing and having quality time with your baby with no distractions. Its all about you and your baby!!! Classes are small and cosy which helps mums to feel more supported and not rushed in the routine that will be taught.


The last 9 months have probably had their ups and downs, mood swings, swollen ankles and not been able to get comfy, counting down the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester and the never ending text messages and phone calls...have you had the baby yet? I know this because after having 2 children of my own I remember it very well, like it was yesterday when in fact my youngest is now 11 years old and ready to go to secondary school, it goes so fast!!.


In light of all that here at Tiny Toes Reflexology and Baby Massage, Barton upon Humber we focus on taking advantage of 'now' and being at one with your baby which we call the 'fourth trimester'. The mood swings might still be there, its swollen boobs rather than swollen ankles, you can get comfy but sleep seems like a distant memory and you feel like your the only one going through all this. A lovely small class where you can meet new mums, who trust me are going through all that too, and probably make new lifelong friends.

Did you know that the body produces Oxytocin, otherwise known as the 'cuddle' hormone. Through touching and interacting with your baby thye body releases this lovely hormone making the bond even more special between you and your baby.


Did you know that as a reflexologist not only can I teach and advise you what to do on your baby to help relieve discomfort and pain but also I can do treatments on your baby to help with symptoms such as colic, reflux and teething in the classes. Treatments are also available on a one to one basis.


Classes will run for 4 weeks sessions and will focus on comfort & sleep, colic, reflux, digestion, coughs and colds and teething. The duration will be 1hr and during that hour a routine will be taught and if needed a treatment carried out for your baby by myself. There will be the opportunity to have a cuppa and a biscuit/piece of cake and have a chat about any concerns you may have or to go over any of the routine. The group is very informal and has no more than 5 babies at any one time. 

How to book:

If you are interested in booking your place on a four week course please get in touch on 07866673261 or email heartsolereflexologyclinic@gmail.com


Check out my face book page facebook.com/tinytoesbarton for info, reviews and class pictures


£40 for four weeks, payable prior to commencement of course starting. Your place will be confirmed once full payment is received.


Refresher/Meet up groups are available following completion of the course. Booking is essential. 


10 Market Place, Barton upon Humber, DN18 5DA.

Classes are held downstairs and there is space for pushchairs inside. Parking available for 2 hours directly outside or over the road in the carpark near Newtons Printers.


Next Class Dates: Please arrive 5 minutes before start of class

January Course Dates

Wednesday 8th January 10am - 11am

Wednesday 15th January 10am - 11am                THIS COURSE IS NOW FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 22nd January 10am - 11am

Wednesday 29th January 10am - 11am

Tuesday 21st January 10am - 11am

Tuesday 28th January 10am - 11am                       THIS COURSE IS NOW FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 4th February  10am - 11am

Tuesday 11th February 10am - 11am


Wednesday 4th March 10am - 11am

Wednesday 11th March 10am - 11am                   LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE

Wednesday 18th March 10am - 11am

Wednesday 25th March 10am - 11am

Wednesday 29th April 10am - 11am

Wednesday 6th May 10am - 11am

Wednesday 13th May 10am - 11am

Wednesday 20th May 10am - 11am

Wednesday 24th June 10am - 11am

Wednesday 1st July 10am - 11am

Wednesday 8th July 10am - 11am

Wednesday 15th July 10am - 11am


Wednesday 9th September 10am - 11am

Wednesday 16th September 10am - 11am

Wednesday 23rd September 10am - 11am

Wednesday 30th September 10am - 11am


Wednesday 4th November 10am - 11am

Wednesday 11th November 10am - 11am

Wednesday 18th November 10am - 11am

Wednesday 25th November 10am - 11am


Heart & Sole Reflexology Clinic 

10 Market Place

Barton Upon Humber

North Lincolnshire

DN18 5DA

To book a course : 07866673261